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Gainesville, Georgia, has a large Hispanic population that is made up of first and second-generation immigrants from Latin American countries.. If you are facing any immigration related-matters in Gainesville, an experienced Gainesville GA immigration lawyer from Holden Law Firm can assist you.

At Holden Law Firm, our immigration law team has years of experience serving immigrants who are living in Gainesville and who are interested in moving to the city to seek asylum, advance their career, join their family, or even start and grow a family. As a Colombian immigrant, our founding attorney understands the unique challenges you face and the sacrifices you’ve made.

Whether you are in need of criminal defense services to defend against removal or deportation charges or would like to initiate the naturalization process to become a US citizen, an immigration lawyer from Holden Law Firm can support you with your immigration-related needs.

Gainesville, GA Immigration Services Available at Holden Law Firm

The immigration services that may be relevant for advancing your case will be dependent on a variety of factors, including whether you want to stay in Gainesville permanently or temporarily, the nature of your stay or visit in Gainesville, and other key considerations related to your case. Holden Law Firm handles a diverse clientele with needs ranging from humanitarian applications to acquiring US citizenship.

Some of the immigration services that our firm offers include:

  • Adjustment of Status. Our immigration team can analyze your case details and determine whether you are eligible to adjust your status from inside the country to become a lawful permanent resident. There are multiple avenues through which to do so, including family-based, humanitarian-based, and employment-based status adjustment.
  • Consular Processing. If you or a loved one are applying for an immigration visa from abroad, our immigration law firm can assist with the process, including filing paperwork, communicating with relevant authorities, and giving you a straightforward overview of your case workflow.
  • An immigration lawyer at Holden Law Firm can help you determine whether you are eligible for the naturalization process and work with you through each step of the way to achieve US citizenship. The process typically takes about two years from start to finish.
  • Non-Immigration Visas. Non-immigration visas allow individuals who are interested in living, studying, or working in Gainesville for a temporary period of time to come to the US without having an ultimate pathway to lawful permanent residency. Depending on your objectives and your eligibility, one of our immigration lawyers can help you obtain a non-immigration visa to come to the US.
  • Criminal Defense. For non-citizens of the United States, the consequences of a criminal conviction can go much further beyond sentencing and fines. An immigration lawyer from our firm can help defend you in court against your charges. They can also inform you about how the criminal process or your case outcome could potentially impact your immigration status or legal presence in the country.
  • Removal or Deportation Defense. If you have been detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or ordered to appear before an immigration judge due to a Removal or Deportation Order being processed against you, it is critical to have fierce and knowledgeable legal representation. The legal team at Holden Law Firm can work to leverage legal strategies to keep you or your loved one in Gainesville.

From assisting you with bureaucratic processes required to obtain visas, adjust your status, or become a US citizen to defending you in criminal court or immigration court, our immigration law team at Holden Law Firm has the resilience, empathy, knowledge, and experience required to yield optimal immigration outcomes. We can assist you with your immigration-related issues today.

How Can I Get a Green Card to Live in Gainesville, Georgia?

Many US non-citizens who are living in Gainesville or who have family or employment opportunities in the city are eager to obtain a green card so that they can have lawful permanent residence.

Lawful permanent residence means that they can legally live and work in the United States and that they will eventually have a pathway to US citizenship. Most green cards last 10 years, and they must be renewed before they expire. There are some exceptions to this rule, which include conditional marriage-based green cards.

In order to get a green card in Gainesville, you usually have to have a petitioner, who is an employer or family member, file paperwork on your behalf. If you entered the United States with a visa, then you may be able to adjust your status to become a lawful permanent resident. Some of the options for gaining a green card include:

  • Family-Based Green Cards. If you are a immediate relative of a US citizen or lawful permanent resident, you may be eligible to get LPR status through your family member. This includes US citizen, parents, spouses, and children over the age of 21, US citizen siblings, and permanent resident spouses and parents. Permanent residents cannot petition for their parents or their siblings.
  • Employment-Based Green Cards. By securing a job offer in Gainesville, you can apply for multiple employment-based immigration visas to work in the city.

Other available options include humanitarian-based green cards, in which individuals who have been granted asylee or refugee status in the United States can apply for a green card after a year of continuous residence.

Furthermore, there are special green cards that certain people can apply for, such as those for victims of certain crimes and for those who faced abuse under the Violence Against Women Act. An immigration lawyer from Holden Law Firm can help guide you in the process of obtaining a green card.

Work With a Law Firm That Prioritizes Their Clients’ Immigration Goals

Holden Law Firm was founded by Giovanna Holden on the premise and understanding that everyone should have a right to live, work, thrive, and contribute to the Georgia community, regardless of the papers that they carry or their immigration status.

Our legal team is here to listen to your concerns and weigh all of the key details of your case to help you craft a legal solution that works toward meeting your immigration goals. Get in touch with a compassionate immigration lawyer from our firm to start your journey today.


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