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The public transportation in Gainesville, GA is not sufficient for most residents, and it could add an extra hour or two to their commute to school or work. Many individuals are, therefore, desperate to drive, even if they do not yet have a driver’s license. If you are facing charges for operating a motor vehicle without a license, a Gainesville GA driving without a license lawyer from Holden Law Firm is here to represent you.

The criminal defense team at Holden Law Firm has been defending the people of Gainesville and surrounding areas who are facing traffic violations for years. Our immigration-based law firm understands that many residents in Gainesville do not have the privilege to get a driver’s license due to their immigration status.

Therefore, if you have been stopped for driving without a license, Holden Law Firm can help uou.

Georgia Driver’s License Laws

Unfortunately, undocumented Georgians are currently prohibited from obtaining a driver’s license. This can make it extremely difficult to get to work, school, and any other place to which they may need to go. Any undocumented individual may incur charges for driving without a license if they are stopped on the road.

Under Georgia law, people who want to operate a motor vehicle on public roadways are required to apply for a Georgia driver’s license or permit within a month of the date that they establish residency in the state. According to Georgia Law, a permanent resident in Georgia is considered to be a person who has been in the state for more than 30 days, works with a Georgia company, has children attending Georgia schools, or has a permanent home or living space in the state that they intend to return to.

Driving Without a Georgia Driver’s License Penalties

If you are charged with driving without a valid driver’s license because you did not have the physical card on you, but you do have a driver’s license, you can likely have your charges dropped by paying a small fee and showing up to a traffic court hearing with your physical license.

However, if you are caught driving and you have not obtained the correct driver’s license or your license has been suspended or revoked, the charges are much more serious and can result in jail time and hefty fines.

If you have been arrested and jailed for driving without an adequate driver’s license, a compassionate criminal defense lawyer from Holden Law Firm can help you. In the case that you are an undocumented immigrant who has been arrested on traffic charges in Georgia, our dedicated legal team can inform you of your rights, help you negotiate your charges, and determine potential impacts that the arrest may have on your immigration status.

Gainesville, Georgia, Accidents With Invalid, Suspended, or Revoked Driver’s Licenses

According to the Georgia criminal code, a person who is not following traffic law for operating a motor vehicle or drives without a valid license and causes a traffic accident that results in less serious injury to another person can face severe criminal penalties, such as jail time and significant fines.

If you were operating a motor vehicle in the Gainesville area without a driver’s license and caused a crash that resulted in the injury or deaths of involved individuals, it is critical to work with a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Get the Legal Representation You Need From a Skilled Gainesville, GA Attorney

The charges for driving without an adequate license in Gainesville, Georgia, can have severe penalties, such as large fines and time in jail.. If you are a non-citizen, such charges can also impact your ability to adjust your status, and they could cause US Immigration and Customs Enforcement to detain and deport you.

It is critical to obtain strong legal representation from our dedicated team at Holden Law Firm. Get in touch with a Gainesville GA driving without a license lawyer from our team today to get started.


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