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If you or a loved one in the area are considering making an adjustment to your immigration status, an experienced adjustment of status attorney in Gainesville, GA can help you achieve your immigration goals and support you throughout the process.

The Holden Law Firm was founded by Giovanna Holden, a knowledgeable and experienced Colombian immigrant and attorney. We are committed to serving documented and undocumented immigrants in Gainesville and the surrounding areas. Our team can help you and your loved ones find meaningful permanent legal avenues to maintain and grow your lives in Gainesville and the state of Georgia.

What Is Adjustment Of Status?

Adjustment of status refers to the process that noncitizens who are in the United States can go through to obtain a green card without having to leave the country. You must be eligible for lawful permanent resident status. An applicant’s eligibility status may vary depending on the type of green card they apply for, such as a family-based or employment-based green card. Generally, the person must have entered with a visa or someone must have applied for one before April 30, 2001.

The consult procedure is the process that people who apply for an immigrant visa must go through if they are outside the country. A dedicated attorney at Holden Law Firm can analyze the details of your case and help you determine whether you qualify for adjustment of status, as well as advise you on an immigration pathway that can minimize costs and complexity while helping you complete your immigration-related goals.

Adjustment of Status Pathways in Gainesville, Georgia

Eligible non-citizens residing in Gainesville and the state of Georgia can take advantage of multiple available avenues to obtain legal permanent residency. The adjustment of status process generally involves an individual or organization filing a petition on your behalf, if applicable, submitting other supporting documents and paperwork, paying fees , and attending interviews with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. (USCIS for its acronym in English).

Such possibilities include:
  • Family-Based: Immediate family members of U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents may be eligible to apply for adjustment of status in the country, depending on the type of family relationship.
  • Employment-Based: Gainesville residents who have obtained significant employment offers or who have employment-based immigration visas may be eligible to adjust their status to a Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR).
  • Asylum-Based: Individuals who have been granted refugee or asylee status and are in the United States may be eligible to adjust their status after living for one consecutive year in the country.
  • Crime Victims: Individuals who were granted a U visa as victims of certain crimes may apply for adjustment of status after 3 years of residence in the United States.
  • Lottery-based: The Diversity Visa lottery is a program run by USCIS to grant access to legal permanent residence to a certain number of applicants from a group of countries underrepresented in the immigration process. Eligible applicants who have won this lottery may adjust their status.
  • Battered Spouses: Spouses of U.S. citizens or permanent residents can adjust their status, even if the other spouse does not want to cooperate.

An adjustment of status attorney from the Holden Law Firm in Gainesville, GA can help you understand which path might be optimal for you and your family.

How can an adjustment of status attorney from Holden Law Firm help me?

If you or a loved one are considering options for adjusting your immigration status, then you are probably wondering whether or not you should hire an immigration status attorney. When considering whether or not your case needs the support of an expert attorney, it is important to know the ways they can help you with your case, including the following:

  • Help you understand the process. The adjustment of status process is long and complex and requires submitting documentation and conducting interviews with multiple agencies. An immigration attorney from our firm can provide you with a detailed description and timeline of your immigration process so you know what to expect and prepare appropriately.
  • Protect your rights. Noncitizens who live in Gainesville have rights under the law, such as the right to an attorney in immigration court and the right to request asylum. An attorney on our team can ensure that your rights are protected throughout the application process and that no unforeseen negative legal consequences arise.
  • Submit documentation. An adjustment of status attorney from Holden Law Firm can ensure that she has all the necessary applications and supporting evidence, such as marriage certificates, background checks, and medical records. Additionally, she can ensure that documentation is submitted appropriately and on time, helping you avoid unnecessary delays in the process.
  • Communicate on their behalf. An attorney from our firm can stay in close contact with USCIS and other relevant entities to defend your case and ensure there are no obstacles. We may also communicate this information to you, including any key updates to your application or changes that need to be submitted.
  • Knowledge of migration processes. Because the immigration legal team at Holden Law Firm has years of experience helping Gainesville residents obtain meaningful immigration status, we are aware of the different options that are available. We can consider the details of your case and assign you an optimal adjustment of status path.

Because immigration laws in Georgia and the United States are deeply complex and change frequently, it is essential to have an adjustment of status attorney who is knowledgeable about current rules and regulations and who understands how the policy or legislation could affect your case.

At Holden Law Firm, we can inform you about how the current administrations and their subsequent policies may or may not impact your case, and we can adjust your case strategies accordingly.

Let a Gainesville, GA adjustment of status attorney handle your case.

At Holden Law Firm, our law firm takes the time to understand the outcomes of your case, the goals and details of your situation to pursue a strategy that can benefit you and your family. No matter how complex your case is, our deeply compassionate, knowledgeable, and expert team is here to help you obtain your green card in Gainesville. Contact us today   so we can begin processing your case.


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